Ako si Kim Sam Soon – Episode 2

July 1, 2008

Somebody up there loves me. As I have whined this morning, I wasn’t able to watch the show in its entirety because it is on the same timeslot as My Girl. Needless to say, I found myself going back and forth the two stations but as soon as the other one is in a commercial break, the other one is playing. If this continues, I can blog both shows. That would be fantastic. So let’s start with today’s episode.

Yesterday, we get to see Kim Sam Soon (Regine Velasquez) in her best rendition of Chuckie’s bride and had been dumped by her fiance Harvey (Wendell Ramos). In this episode, still hurting from her failed wedding, she and her family went back to Manila to find their bakery burnt to the ground. Adding insult to injury you might say.

On the other side of the story, we get to see Cyrus (Mark Anthony Fernandez) narrating the events of the previous day as he sped along the highway, Manila-bound as well. He was smug and confident, a contrast to our heroine.

He arrives at his restaurant, in time to see Eugene Domingo’s character shows off her onion chopping skills to the rest of the staff. She reports that their pastry chef was pirated by an another company and that the restaurant was fully booked in the upcoming months. He coolly handles the situation

Later on we get to see his coward side as he was practicing his speech of defiance to his mother’s orders for him to date the one she picked out for him. Enter the glamorous Carmi Martin, who plays his mother, together with John Lapus as her assistant and his assistant as well. She was so dominating that Cyrus couldn’t even blurt out a sentence from his practiced speech.

In her side of the world, Sam Soon is looking for work but was distracted by an ad for a dating service. We don’t know yet the relevance of this but her sister arrived with a box of brownies. Sam Soon, not one to pass up food took a big bite and found it delicious. She then went out to find the restaurant and apply for a job there.

Due to her lack of experience in the restaurant business, she was turned down despite the fact she brought a sample of her cake. Utterly distraught, Sam Soon cried in the restroom only to be disturbed by loud knocks. When she opened the door, it was Cyrus on the other side. He asked her what is she doing at a male restroom. He also asked her to close her blouse (she took off her stomach-tightening garter earlier) because he was disgusted at her belly fat.

Realizing her mistake and humiliated by Cyrus for the second time, Sam Soon went out and slapped her cake at him. Amidst the chaos that she caused, he was able to have a taste of the cake while he was wiping his face and right there wanted to hire her. After a short chase that ended badly for Sam Soon, she found herself the new pastry chef of La Dolce Vita.

For a 30-minute episode, they sure covered a lot. Like a good cake, the layers have to be properly placed and the filling as tight. I cannot say if this will be a success in terms of adaptation but for now, I did enjoy the episode. I felt that Regine needs to lay down on the makeup. She seemed to be an actress who can work on a material such as this one. Although this show requires a bit of physical comedy, she can pull it off especially if she is without her fat suit. I wish she could do away with it. She’s be more fluid and would match her timing.

As for Mark Anthony, I liked his previous work especially those that requires intensity. I have yet to see him become comfortable with the character and be able to play around with it. Male leads are written as uptight who later on becomes less so because they fell in love. I just wanted to see how he would sink his teeth to this.

Eugene Domingo’s character is quite different from what we usually see her play. As a seasoned theatre actress, it’s nice that she’ll be able to show the teledrama public what she can do. With John Lapus’ character, apart from following Carmi Martin around, I can’t make an opinion regarding his character–yet.

It is wonderful to see Carmi Martin in a comedy again. She may be the dominating mother in this show and so how she takes a character is what I will be watching. She is divine as always. I hope they give her great clothes in this drama.

When a popular show is being adapted, expectations are high. For now, the overall look of the show is enough for me to tune in. Let’s wait and see till the next episode comes around.

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  1. I watched the two episodes of Ako is Kim Sam Soon and I think the Philippine remake is very disappointing. Totally missing out on what Kim Sam Soon stands for.

    I remember complaining about how they executed My Girl a few days back but watching Ako Si Kim Sam Soon makes me want to wail in despair.

    Tsk, tsk.

  2. naglipana na naman ang mga kapamilya para magbigay ng negative comments sa bawat blog, forum, videos about gma shows….

  3. I love it! Regine as Kim Sam Soon and great supporting cast in Mark Anthony, Tessi Tomas, Eugene, Maureen and even Jennica Garcia :)

  4. What can I do? The show is disappointing for me. So bite me…


  5. ay naku ganyan naman kaung mg kapamilya d b meron at meron kaung masa2vi sa show ng gma 7 kesyo alang quality lagi at disappoint p kaung nala2man samantalang nag eenjoy nman kau sa kapa2nood!!!!bzta para sa amin d2 ang ganda ng kim sam soon naka2tuwa tlga sha!!!congrats to ol cast of kim sam soon n gud luck gma!!!ur d best!!!talo lng cla at ingit kz ndi n cla makabangon ha,ha,ha!!!mga talonang kapamilya!!magaling lang cla mamintas at ala raw pakialam sa rating kaia pala nangga2laiti sa galit kz talonan!!!!mabuhay kapuso!!!!

  6. gudluck to gma7 kapuso binigay nio ang magagandang show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. maganda ang kim samsoon. tumpak ung mga napiling actors para sa characters unlike sa my girl na napakabata ng mga napili. hindi convincing, commercialized to the point na nasacrifice ung story. pero mapagtyatyagaan na rin xa.

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