Ako si Kim Samsoon – Episode 11

July 14, 2008

Note: I have to express my happiness on the new schedule of the two dramas that I am watching. For the past few weeks, I was torturing my remote control during the 9-10:30 pm timeslot to watch both series. With Ako si Kim Samsoon moving at 10 pm, I can now watch in relative peace. I think I am getting sugar overload. I am not complaining.

This episode is so sweet I felt like having a toothache afterwards. It just solidified its romcom status by going more with the romance and using comedy as something the characters handle their romantic entanglements.

After refusing to sign the contract, Cyrus and Samsoon were at odds once more. Despite the cold weather, she refused to come into the room that was prepared for them. She was stubborn enough to set up chairs, ready to settle in for the night. Cyrus, furious over the rejection decided to leave her alone. Then the rain came.

Running towards the cottage, Samsoon tried to sneak in but she found Cyrus at the door. He implied that she already gave up, so she returned outside eventhough it was already pouring. He went out with an umbrella and pleaded for Samsoon to get inside but she still wouldn’t. When she wouldn’t budge, he tried to carry her. Cyrus told her that she could forget the contract and she could return to Manila the following day if she would just get in. Then he left. After a while, she went into the room in her own accord. There she found the love contract Cyrus drafted for their relationship. Peeking deep into his wallet, she found her eviction notice. Realizing that he already knew the reason for her need of cash and still helped her, she came up with a decision.

Coming out from the bath in a towel, Cyrus found Samsoon pretending to sleep. He noticed that the love contract was already signed. He thanked her and said that he knew that she was not really sleeping. So much for suspense for this two. When she opened her eyes, she affirmed that it was out of her goodness that she finally agreed into the contract once more. As the mood was turning romantic, Cyrus dropped his towel. Unlike the typical Filipina in dramas (or in movies for that matter) the heroine usually goes ballistic as if it was a disgrace to her virtue. Samsoon did the opposite. She took it matter-of-factly with a hint of sarcasm, as if she was not affected at all. But girlfriend was trying to hide the urge not to look.

The evening wears on but Samsoon could not sleep. She called Cyrus but his back was turned. Knowing that he was not really with Morpheus, she thanked him for helping her, giving her the money and all. She also told him that he may be surly most of the time but he is kind-hearted. After this, she decided to doze leaving behind a smiling Cyrus who was pleased of what he just heard.

Meanwhile, back in the metropolis, the two families were worried about their respective family members. Since the storm acted up, Mrs. Ruiz and Marco could not follow Cyrus and Samsoon at the resort. Eliza assured her mom that Samsoon was alright and went back to daydreaming about Aaron, her new crush. More on her later.

After the storm, the Cyrus and Samsoon were on their phones giving their updates to their best friends. Their two friends were sure of the same thing, that Samsoon and Cyrus are falling for each other. Of course they were appalled by the idea and denied it to the heavens. When Mau gave Samsoon some examples on how to find out if she was already in love with Cyrus, she started to think. Girls are always prone to suggestions. It is in our genetic makeup, I guess.

Still reflecting about her conversation with Mau, Samsoon overheard Cyrus talking about her on the phone in an unpleasant manner. Hurt, she decided to leave the resort. They bickered once more, but since he could not stop her, he left in frustration. While resting from the long walk, Samsoon encountered a hold-upper and took her belongings. When he was not yet pleased with the loot, he tried to take advantage of her but she was saved by Cyrus who, unknown to her, followed.

For the past few episodes, I can see that there was a buildup for this episode. The way the two main characters were being set up and all that. It was a well worth the wait, I should say. I began watching the show not really for the main cast but slowly I am warming up to them. The episode was satisfying at most. Sure there were the improbable scenes, I’ll just take it in stride for the sake of storytelling. There were much to see in the coming episodes as we see how the tandem will work.

Speaking of love teams, I think this is the best the writers came up with in dealing with Eliza’s subplot. I think that putting the sisters’ love stories side by side is fun and looks fresh unlike giving Eliza the poor-girl-boo-huhu side story. Sure, they could use that but I prefer the Aaron-Eliza-Cocoy triangle. Since they are teeners and their presence in the drama, I assume, was a way to attract the younger viewers, I feel that going with the concept of the drama (quirky romantic setups) works best. Let us just leave the melodramas and evil machinations to Dyesebel’s plot.

As the focus of the episode was building on the love story of the two sisters, there were less exposure from the other characters. It goes well with the isolated yet fantastic seaside location that this episode has. There was this sense of lightness that drama brings out. And Samsoon is at the center of that.

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